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Fostering Accountability When Government Programs Are Involved

The Federal False Claims Act is a far-reaching whistleblowers act with roots in the Civil War. Originally designed to address dishonesty on the part of private contractors providing goods and services to the federal government, it applies to numerous types of fraudulent and inappropriate claims for payment from the U.S. government or one of its agencies, departments or programs.

With its qui tam provision that enables a person initiating a case to share in the government’s financial award, the Federal False Claims Act puts the federal government’s interests into a special category of lawsuit designed to stimulate corporate accountability for illegal actions that cost the government. Highly publicized cases related to the Act include large judgments against pharmaceutical companies in recent years.

Contact South Carolina lawyer David Rothstein with your questions about Federal False Claims and qui tam. Mr. Rothstein, a certified specialist in employment and labor law, has appeared in federal district court, representing clients in whistleblower cases, and he is licensed in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Examples Of False Claims Act Matters

The Federal False Claims Act applies to a variety of matters related to federal resources and relationships, including:

  • False Medicare or Medicaid claims
  • Pharmaceutical and medical misuse or improprieties
  • Billing fraud, overpayments and kickbacks
  • “Upcoding” or “unbundling” of products or services
  • Product fraud related to government contracts

If you have concerns about one of these matters or a related subject, you may have grounds for a qui tam case under the Federal False Claims Act.

Greenville False Claims Act Attorney

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