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A South Carolina Qui Tam Lawyer With Real Case Experience

Generally speaking, a whistleblower is a person who makes it known that wrongdoing has occurred, with the symbolic whistle alerting and warning others that there is a problem. In the employment sense, a whistleblower alerts internal or external authorities in an effort to expose corruption and help bring to justice those who lie, defraud or commit crimes within governmental agencies or programs, publicly traded companies or other organizations.

Not only does federal law provide incentives to those who expose wrongdoing, but it also gives whistleblowers protection from retaliation. As an employment and labor law specialist, Greenville whistleblower attorney David Rothstein can help you if you are uncovering fraud or other crimes in South Carolina or in Western North Carolina. Contact us for a confidential consultation.

Qui Tam: A Little-Known Area Of The Law With Historical Precedent And Practical Reward

While standing up courageously against injustice is generally held in honor, most people don’t know that such activities can carry a significant financial reward under federal laws with historical roots in the Civil War. Known as qui tam provisions, these laws provide a citizen who files suit on behalf of the government with a share of any monetary damages recovered.

While whistleblowing may carry emotional and economic rewards, the risks are significant: Some whistleblowers are fired from their jobs or otherwise punished for their actions. An experienced employment law attorney can explore your legal rights and options regarding these matters.

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David Rothstein, a certified specialist in employment and labor law, has experience in representing clients in whistleblower cases. He has appeared in federal district court in South Carolina and Western North Carolina and the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, and he is also licensed in the U.S. Supreme Court. Contact Mr. Rothstein.