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When A Non Competition Clause Infringes On Employee Rights

Non compete agreements are designed to protect businesses by preventing employee defections to their competitors. In some cases, however, such agreements unreasonably infringe on the rights of an employee, particularly when the employee is compelled or forced to leave a position unexpectedly. Restrictive non compete agreements can cause serious financial consequences for salespeople and other professionals who concentrate on a certain business area because such agreements often attempt to prevent employees from working in their field in a defined location for a defined period.

Attorney David Rothstein, an employment and labor law specialist, is a seasoned advocate with regard to difficult non compete agreements. He has experience in analysis, negotiation and litigation on behalf of clients in these matters. Contact Mr. Rothstein to speak to a non compete attorney in the Greenville area.

Empowering Employees With Strong Legal Resources

A fundamental problem for employees facing a contractual challenge (or any employment challenge) is the power differential that exists between employees and employers, with employers usually having access to significant legal resources and employees often having to fend for themselves. This power disparity makes it important for the employee to get strong representation of his or her own if he or she is to have a fighting chance against a non competition clause. That’s where we come in.

Fighting Hard To Keep You Earning A Living

When our clients are sued by a former employer over a non compete agreement — and their livelihood is at stake — we take an aggressive stance, utilizing all possible factors that can turn the tide in the employee’s favor. South Carolina laws are somewhat favorable for individuals on non compete matters, and having an experienced employment attorney can help you leverage the laws to your advantage.

In many instances, we can build a case to have an employer’s suit dismissed on “unclean hands” or other grounds, or we work to have the agreement weakened or narrowed. We can explore and utilize issues like a falling out with a boss, compensation problems and discrimination claims.

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