Greenville Overtime Pay Lawyer

Have You Been Denied The Compensation You Deserve?

Many workers feel like they are at the mercy of their employer when it comes to compensation. They may not have a say in their rate of pay or in the hours they work. Things can be especially difficult, though, when a company does not honor agreements and commitments to its workers. If you have been unjustly treated or taken advantage of by your employer, an employment attorney may be able to help you.

Attorney David Rothstein, certified as a specialist in South Carolina employment law, assists workers who have been denied pay or underpaid. Mr. Rothstein concentrates his practice on representing the needs of employees, not those of corporations and employers. Contact him to learn more.

Level The Playing Field With A Specialist On Your Side

When your employer has powerful lawyers on its side, you may need powerful representation of your own. Mr. Rothstein has years of experience in standing up for the underdog in employment matters. He can advise you if you have experienced work-related problems such as:

  • Nonpayment or underpayment of hourly wages (number of hours, hourly rate) and other wage disputes
  • Nonpayment of overtime, generally defined as time worked past 40 hours in a week by hourly employees
  • Misclassification as an “exempt” employee — when hourly workers are treated as salaried employees
  • Required “off-the-clock” work, preparation or dressing that your employer is not compensating you for
  • Comp time that is not handled properly

These issues happen to hourly workers like security guards, ambulance drivers and EMTs, factory and plant workers, retail and warehouse workers, municipal workers, health care workers and many others.

Get The Fair Treatment You Deserve

Under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, you have the right to sue your employer if your legal rights have been violated with regard to wage payment and overtime. In collective actions or class-action suits, which may involve dozens or hundreds of workers from the same company, an attorney can represent a group of employees in their quest for fair treatment in compensation matters. Contact David Rothstein, a Greenville wage and hour attorney and overtime pay attorney, for advice about your case in Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens or other areas in Upstate South Carolina or Western North Carolina.