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When an employment relationship ends, it is important to be prepared for what comes next. A severance agreement often provides a departing employee with an important bridge in his or her occupational gap. When a severance agreement is fair and reasonable, an employee can know that his or her family will be provided for; when a disadvantageous or unfair agreement is made, it puts stress on the employee, who may already be facing the challenge of finding a new position.

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With many employers, severance pay is not a given, and arrangements can vary greatly in their depth and scope. Many companies will offer a pittance, knowing that employees will think they have no other choice. As with other compensation-related matters, an employer’s objective is generally to pay as little as possible, not to make sure an employee’s needs are met. This is why it is important to be careful about signing a severance agreement — and why having an experienced severance pay attorney can be critical.

Severance agreements are often negotiable, just as a salary is negotiable. We negotiate severance agreements on behalf of our clients, taking into account numerous factors, such as discrimination or other claims related to the employment or termination, that can help maximize the financial benefit to the departing employee. By thinking creatively and exploring all options, we can often obtain a much better deal for our clients than they expect.

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