Greenville Family Medical Leave Act Lawyer

Protecting Your Job, Your Benefits, Your Family

If you have worked for your employer for at least a year and your employer is of a certain size (50 or more employees within a 75-mile radius of your worksite), you may be entitled to time off from work for your own important medical and personal issues or those of your family under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Contact us to learn more about your rights under FMLA.

The Family Medical Leave Act provides certain legal rights to you if:

  • You have a serious medical condition that impacts your ability to do your job
  • Your spouse, child or parent has a serious medical condition that requires your help
  • You or a spouse is giving birth or if you are adopting a child or taking in a foster child

When an employer violates an employee’s legal rights under FMLA by punishing, terminating or otherwise illegally treating an employee who took time off, that employee can bring a lawsuit. If you have experienced FMLA discrimination, you should discuss your case with an experienced employment attorney.

A Greenville Family Medical Leave Act Attorney, Protecting Your Rights

Under the Family Medical Leave Act, qualifying employers are required to provide employees leave for up to 12 weeks within a 12-month period for applicable medical and family events. The leave does not need to be continuous and it can be unpaid.

Attorney David Rothstein is certified as a specialist in employment law and is thoroughly familiar with FMLA law, having handled numerous FMLA discrimination cases in South Carolina. Contact us to speak to a Greenville FMLA violations lawyer about FMLA violations in South Carolina or Western North Carolina.