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When your career and your livelihood are involved, you need the strongest, most reliable legal representation available. You need advice that reflects a deep understanding of the issues and the most current laws and court decisions. You need to know that your personal interests will be protected and fought for by Attorneys with top credentials and experience.

Attorney David Rothstein is certified as a specialist in South Carolina employment law. Mr. Rothstein is among the few employment specialists in South Carolina who concentrates his practice on the needs of employees, rather than on the interests of corporations and other employers. Confident and deeply versed in the law, Mr. Rothstein have represented the underdog in many challenging situations. Contact us to discuss your employment concern.

Direct Communication And Personal Service

As a small employment law firm, we offer our clients the best of both worlds: a level of authoritative legal knowledge and firepower typically found at larger law firms — and a level of personal attention and access usually provided only by solo practitioners.

As a client of our firm, you will have a direct line of communication with a highly experienced employment law specialists — with no middleman. You will be able to work directly with Mr. Rothstein to reach resolution of your concern.

Seasoned Greenville Employment Law Attorneys, Facilitating Solutions

If you are facing an employment conflict or are in need of advice on compensation or contract issues, we can help.  Mr. Rothstein have provided counsel to employees of local, national and international companies operating in South Carolina, as well as to public employees.

If you are seeking a South Carolina workplace harassment lawyer or employee discrimination Attorneys, or if you need advice on another area of employment law, contact us.